Conferences and Lectures

Invited Lectures and Keynote Addresses

“On Taking Children at Their Word: Child Agency, Responsibility, and Harm,” invited lecture for California State University, Northridge Philosophy Colloquia Series: March 2018

“Educating the Whole Child: Ethics and Social-Emotional Learning,” keynote address for the Kern Rural Teacher Residency of California State University, Bakersfield: January 2018

“Paul, Pluralism, and Philosophy with Children: A Reflection on Philosophical Possibilities,” invited lecture for Paul Hammond Memorial Lecture Series (Jesup Memorial Library, Bar Harbor, ME): October 2017

“Integrating Sports and Ethics Education,” keynote address for Sports Ethics Conference (Penn State University): April 2017 

“Why Not Pre-College Philosophy?,” invited lecture for 37th annual Philosophy Symposium (Salisbury University, Department of Philosophy): April 2017 

“Learning to Listen: Childhood, Education, and Epistemic Injustice,” invited lecture for the Race, Sex & Ethics Lecture Series (Yale University, Department of Women’s, Gender and Sexuality Studies): March 2017

“Philosophy and Diversity: Implications and Questions for Education,” invited lecture for Penn State Center for Education and Civil Rights: February 2017

“Ethics and Education: Embedding Ethical Development at Penn State,” keynote address at Penn State Berks Faculty Retreat: December 2015

“Ethical Recognition and Children: Rethinking the Being/Becoming Divide,” invited lecture for pre-service teachers and Education faculty (University of Luleå, Sweden): May 2014

“Ethical Recognition and the Practice of Ethics Education with Young Children,” keynote address for 7th Annual Moral Literacy Colloquium (Penn State University): April 2014

Recent Conference Presentations

“Broadening the Reach of Philosophy,” American Philosophical Association Teaching Hub (Pacific): March 2018

“Ethics and Community Engagement,” 27thAssociation for Practical and Professional Ethics Conference: March 2018

“Citizens Now, Not Citizens in Training” (with Stephanie Serriere), College and University Faculty Assembly Conference: November 2017

“On the Role and Impact of the Higher Education Ethics Institute,” 43rd Association for Moral Education Conference: November 2017

“Ethics Across Early Childhood Education,” 19th International Society for Ethics Across the Curriculum Conference: October 2017

“Childism and Precollege Philosophy: A Response to Child-Centered Prejudice,” 4th Biennial Philosophy Learning and Teaching Organization Conference: June 2017

“Caring for Young Children: Philosophical Ethics in Early Childhood,” 8th Qualitative Report Conference: January 2017

“MELARETE and PEECh: Preface to an Ethics and Virtues Education Collaboration,” 41st Association for Moral Education Conference: December 2016

“Philosophical Ethics in Early Childhood,” 41st Association for Moral Education Conference: December 2016

“Developing Leaders: Children and Ethical Leadership,” 21st CSLEE Values and Leadership Conference: October 2016 (Western University, London, Ontario)

“Everyday Ethics: The Significance of Ethics in Our Daily Lives,” 2016 TEDx PSU Conference: February 2016

“Philosophical Ethical Education in Early Childhood: A Proposal,” 29th University Council for Educational Administration Convention: November 2015

“Philosophical Ethics in Early Childhood” (with Tugce B. Arda Tuncdemir), 20th Annual Values and Leadership Conference: October 2015

“Ethics in Practice: Can Philosophers Change the World?” (with Ramona Ilea, Julinna Oxley, and Kathie Jenni), 8th Annual Rocky Mountain Ethics Congress: August 2015

“Education, Research, and the Advancement of Pre-college Philosophy,” Equity and Inquiry – 3rd Biennial Philosophy Learning and Teaching Conference: June 2015

“Idle Talk? Children, Prisoners, Gossip, and Social Media” (with Summer Renault-Steele), Advancing Public Philosophy – 3rd Biennial Conference of the Public Philosophy Network: June 2015

“Diversity and Pre-college Philosophy,” Exploring Collaborative Contestations and Diversifying Philosophy: May 2015

“Seen But Not Heard: Epistemic Injustice, Forensic Research, and the Child,” The Consortium for Socially Relevant Philosophy of/in Science and Engineering Conference: March 2015

“Setting ‘Philosophical Horizons’ in Memphis: Philosophy and Education in the Bluff City” (with John Torrey and Josh Dohmen), Philosophy of Education Society Annual Meeting: March 2015