Dr. Michael D. Burroughs

Hello and welcome! Here, you can find information about my bio, my research, curriculum vitae, and more.

I am a philosopher, educator, writer, and ethics institute director. As a researcher and educator, I focus on ethics, ethics education and moral development, philosophy of education, public philosophy, and social and feminist epistemology. As an ethics institute director, I strive to make philosophy and ethics accessible and engaging both at and beyond the university, including a focus on working and learning with children and teachers in Pre-kindergarten and K-12 schools, senior citizens in retirement communities, community groups, and prison inmates.

I serve as Director of the Kegley Institute of Ethics and Associate Professor of Philosophy at California State University, Bakersfield. I also serve as Vice President of the Public Philosophy Network and, previously, served as President of the Philosophy Learning and Teaching Organization. I am founding editor of Precollege Philosophy and Public Practice, a journal devoted to advancing research in and on public philosophy. In past years, I held leadership and academic positions at Penn State University (Rock Ethics Institute and Department of Philosophy) and UNC-Chapel Hill (Parr Center for Ethics and Department of Philosophy).

I am also a musician, beekeeper, lover of the out-of-doors, and one who strives to approach life and my work with joy and appreciation.

Want to start a collaboration or learn more about my work? You can reach me via email at [email protected]